Decided to take a little pause from school work to finish the metal wall segment.

Here's an update on the sci-fi wall. It took two days to make. It's only fast modelled to be a part of the test game. More info to come about it as soon I have collected all data about it.
Made with NDo2, 3DSMax and photoshop. Test game made with UDK.

Here's another Zbrush learning piece. A simple wall piece, a couple of hours of work. High poly done, only unwrap, projection and texturing left to do.

Chest is done! I have learnt a lot during this process, especially how to sculpt an dthe workflow with zbrush.

A new thing I'm working on, a slice of sci-fi wall. It's going to be part of a small experiment with an absract puzzle to test the ability of solving obstacles during time pressure. More info about that in later posts.

I have made some minor updates to the landscape. I got some feedback about the hills being quite high in the background and lacking trees, so I have made some updates :)

I'm currently working with the kismet to rig some cameras for my reel.

I have also been working with a Zbrush chest. High poly done, just retop, normal map baking and texturing left to do.

Water in my town!
I have rebuild some parts of the town, made more props and put some water in the scene.
I'm soon done with the polishing.

WIP Skydome
Tested to do a skydome in UDK, the texture is not a final one, it's just a draft to test if the nodes work properly.

Vegetation and props!

Another update on my town project! 
Props and Vegetation, WIP

Handpainted Textures and low poly models in UDK!

I have been working on this project for about 4 weeks, most of the time have been consumed by drawing all the textures.

I have some uv-space left to use and create lightmaps.

I have only been using diffuses and specular maps, all 512 x 512



I'm currently working on a 3d project, create a town in handpainted style.
a small update on part for the town.
print screen from viewport